The Once Daily readers are intelligent, funny, creative, and curious about the world around them. They are interested in knowing about things that make the day more enjoyable. With about 100k page views/month and 25K subscribers with a 40% Open Rate (Industry Standard is 16%)- the audience is primarily women ages 20 – 40. They are not afraid of quiet moments and self-care, respect everyone’s voice, are driven, and can also be the life of the party.

Reach our vibrant, engaged community with affordable ad rates. We strongly feel advertising shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Start your ad today.

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* rates are per ad per run

Text Based 25 words $15.00
Text Based 50 words $25.00
Text Based 100 words $45.00
With image $10.00
Website Feature (800 words) $150.00


  • Newsletters are distributed M-F 9am Pacific Standard Time
  • Images must be in PNG or JPG format, not to exceed 1 mb
  • Web text or notes uploads must be uploaded in .doc
  • When adding newsletter text, check word count, if submitted incorrectly, our editorial team will edit
  • When submitting your own website text, our editorial team has the right to edit
  • If our editorial team is writing your website feature, we will be in touch with you via email within 2 business days
  • A minimum of 7 days is required for all newsletter ads and 14 days for all website features
  • If we have any questions, our editorial team will contact you
  • Once your ad is published, we will share a link with you the day it is published

Newsletter Example



Why are your ads so affordable?

Our content (aka ads) is simple and digestible, not something in your face to the point it’s too much. We want people to read our content, and we want people to read about you or your project, product, or news. So each newsletter is unique as well as each content piece. It would help if you didn’t break the bank while trying to live your dream.

What if I have a specific date I want to post on?

No worries; if it makes our seven-day window, let us know when submitting your order in the notes section.

Can I post multiple times in a row?

We like to keep things fresh, so please space out your ads. When in doubt, email us, and we can consider your request. Our readers like it when we don’t blast the same information out daily.

What if my ad is not approved?

Once our editorial team reviews your ad, if we decide it goes against what we aim to put out for our readers, we will refund your card 100% – if this is the case, we will notify you via email. Most ads get approved, but we must regulate and keep things clean here.

Do you allow CBD products?

Yup, no restrictions on that here.

Do you offer Social Media Advertising?

No we do not.

What do you NOT publish?

• health-related claims
• hate or harmful news
• religious views
• political ads

Do I need to own all images and artwork submitted?

YES, you are responsible for what you submit. All images/artwork will need to have a credit.


Who is your audience, and what are your stats?

With about 100k page views/month and 25K subscribers with a 40% Open Rate (Industry Standard is 16%)- the audience is primarily women ages 20 – 40.

What if someone has an inquiry about our promoted product? Will you refer them to contact us?

Unfortunately, we cannot do that. Always be sure your ad has the correct contact or call to action for the audience to learn more about you or contact you directly.

What does your audience look for in content?

• entertainment, fun, and adventurous content
• honest, open storytelling without the hard-core selling
• easy, useful guides & tips
• new and innovative products
• unprocessed recipes with a story behind them
• DIY projects that enrich people’s homes and lives
• investigative articles on impactful subjects
• engaging, genuine photo & illustrative stories


What is your refund policy?

Unless your ad is not approved, all ads are non-refundable.

Do you work on unique, more extensive campaigns for promotion?

We do, and we love it, contact us at to discuss your campaign.

Do you offer graphic design with your ads?

Yes, we can; please contact us at to learn more about your request. Prices for graphic design begin at $150 for each creative.

I’m a college student looking for college credit – do you work with interns?

We love young writers. Contact us at and be sure to send us samples of your writing.

Do you guarantee publication for all product samples submitted?

Once Daily News
879 Galloway St.
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Do you guarantee publication for all submissions?

No, we do not. We do however promise to look at everything we receive. We cannot confirm receipt of everything, but our editorial team is constantly reviewing content.