Make Mushrooms Part of Your Wellness Routine

Make Mushrooms Part of Your Wellness Routine

From Hippocrates to the first people of North America, through ancient cultures and across the globe, mushrooms have helped and healed. For literally thousands of years, our ancestors used them for various purposes.

Nowadays, mushrooms are becoming a natural ingredient in all kinds of products. Sustainable clothing, compostable packaging, skincare items, and even building materials are made using mushrooms. They’re a green alternative to many substances used in manufacturing. 

They’re also making an impact in the health and wellness industry. Modern researchers recognize what many in the ancient world believed: mushrooms have positive power.

Making Mushrooms Mainstream

A mushroom is an interesting thing. Some mushrooms have the ability to provide nourishment, others to heal. Certain ones can send you on a long, strange trip, while some can be deadly. What a fantastically powerful fungus!

Because of the multifarious nature of mushrooms, they’ve taken their time making way into our modern realm of medicine.
A possibility for this phenomenon is explained in a 2014 journal article titled “Medicinal Mushrooms: Ancient Remedies Meet Modern Science”. Its authors comment, “From an evolutionary and survival point of view, it is safer to avoid that which is poorly understood yet so powerful.”

Make Mushrooms Part of Your Wellness Routine

However, ever-developing scientific research techniques and a surge in the interest in natural alternatives to health and wellness have propelled these talented toadstools. We all stand to benefit from the advancements in mushroom medicine!

How They Help

Taking a daily supplement is a great way for your body to reap the benefits of mushrooms. There are several areas where they stand to enhance your overall wellness.


Cordyceps mushrooms can stimulate the central nervous system and adrenal glands, pumping up energy in the brain. The accompanying increased blood flow has been proven to battle brain fatigue. If you find yourself fighting to focus throughout the day, a supplement with cordyceps may be for you.


Reishi mushrooms are the star of the show in mushroom-derived sleep supplements. Unlike sedatives or melatonin, reishi won’t induce drowsiness but helps instill a sense of calm and relaxation. Regular doses of reishi can help improve the quality and duration of your sleep.


Lion’s mane and turkey tail aren’t just cute mushroom names; they’re the super duo you need to help combat daily stressors! These two help support the HPA Axis, a group of hormones responsible for regulating stress. Take a natural approach to combat stress and add a stress-reducing mushroom to your life.

Stacking Supplements

Stacking is a way to boost the best characteristics of each component in a formula. When you combine several effective ingredients, you’re making the most of your supplement.

Choose a supplement that incorporates mushrooms’ abilities and other ingredients that complement their effects.

The Best Brands Harness the Power of Hemp

To really get the most bang for your buck in a supplement stack, consider one that offers the added benefit of CBD. If you’re into all-natural remedies or opt for a holistic lifestyle, CBD offers a wealth of uses that promote wellness. Natural, soothing, and versatile, CBD is the perfect companion for your mushroom-derived supplement.

Consider mushrooms and CBD the stack that has the potential to squash stress, keep you focused, and help you awaken well-rested!