The Best coffee subscriptions to try

The Best Coffee Subscriptions to Try

Some of our faves for getting a caffeine fix

We want coffee. We need coffee. It’s the fuel that propels us to participate in that dreaded meeting with corporate and gives us the energy to immerse ourselves in errands. Sometimes that comforting jolt of java is the only thing that gets us through the day.

If you can’t live without your regular coffee treat, you’re not alone. According to the National Coffee Association, coffee consumption in the U.S. has hit a two-decade high, with 66% of Americans who report drinking coffee daily.

The same survey reports that at-home coffee consumption is up as well. This you? 

If your morning ritual includes brewing up your own cup of joe, we have a suggestion you might want to consider.

To ensure you don’t get caught without your caffeine, try a coffee subscription (although prescription may be more apropos.) It’s a great option to make sure you always have your favorite brand handy when you’re craving a cup.

We’ve evaluated some top coffee subscription options. Each of them offers a monthly delivery of Here’s a rundown of four of our caffeinated favorites.

Good Citizen Coffee Co.

Good Citizen is a company that truly lives up to its name. They offer sustainably sourced coffee and are touted for fostering strong relationships with their farmers. They truly prioritize a balance between producing great coffee and respecting the planet. 

Their practices promote regenerative agriculture and encourage biodiversity. If you’re an eco-conscious coffee consumer, Good Citizen Coffee Co. is for you. Their coffee? It’s just as impressive as their environmental efforts.

With plenty of flavor profiles that appeal to all types of coffee drinkers, a Good Citizen subscription will get you top-quality coffee roasted on-site at their Nashville roastery, delivered monthly, biweekly, or weekly.

They also offer quality, trendy brewing accessories at reasonable prices, as well as flavored syrups and sugar cubes in downright adorable packaging. 

Good Citizen gets our nod for all-around goodness in your mug and toward Mother Earth.

The Best Coffee Subscriptions to Try

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

If cold brew is more your style and you want ice-cold caffeine at your fingertips, try La Colombe.

Pick 12 or 24 packs from 13 different flavors. If you can’t choose your favorite flavor, they have a variety pack with four top-selling options, including triple latte, double latte, mocha, and vanilla.

Their dark-medium roast comes in a convenient tap fridge pack; enjoying a cool coffee treat doesn’t get any easier! La Colombe offers beans and ground coffee as well, but we think their iced selection is top-notch.

La Colombe is our pick for best cold brew options. Just don’t confuse the fridge pack container for your boxed wine. 

Madcap Coffee

You’d be hard-pressed to find more unique flavor profiles than those offered by Madcap Coffee. Red apple, nougat, orange blossom, lemonade, and plum are just some of the distinctive tastes apparent in their flavor profiles.

A Madcap subscription means access to special offers and your shipment roasted to order. Choose your quantity and frequency and get regular deliveries of your preferred morning pick-me-up.

You can also rep some Madcap merch. They have a whole line of branded apparel to show off your love for this innovative company.

Madcap is our choice for the most unique and interesting flavor options. Adventurous palates, this should be your pick.

Atlas Coffee

If you want to be surprised about the origin of your next coffee buzz, check out Atlas Coffee. They’ll send you a new coffee each month from a different country. 

By joining their “Coffee Club,” you get a bag of single origin coffee and a postcard from the country, along with notes and brewing tips for that specific batch.

They also get extra credit for their recyclable coffee pod cups compatible with Keurig coffee makers, which is a subscription option.

We choose Atlas as best brand to expose you to different coffee locales. Enjoy a coffee journey around the world.

A Coffee Shop in Your Own Kitchen

If you’re in the 66% who need their daily dose of liquid energy, consider a coffee subscription service to keep you stocked. It’s a great accompaniment to all the other perks of percolating at home.

Reasons to be your own barista:

  1. It saves money. If you buy to-go coffee regularly, add it up; it may be a lot more than you think!
  2. You don’t have to deal with long lines or cranky customers. Well, we hope not.
  3. You can experiment with flavors in both the coffee itself and what you add.
  4. You can experiment with brewing methods. Perhaps you have always wanted to try a French press or are intrigued by the science of siphon coffee, be adventurous in how you brew.
  5. Establishing a morning routine is a positive practice; make your coffee-making ritual a part of that.

Enjoy coffee on your own terms; brew at home and try a subscription to supplement your coffee supply.