The Most Unique Places to Travel to in 2023

It’s 2023, and it’s time to look forward to all the experiences ahead for you this year. Is there perhaps a traveling adventure in your future?

Where do you want to go in 2023? These unique locations will guarantee one-of-a-kind experiences to enjoy.

Whether you have the travel bug or not, these destinations are sure to pique your interest and inspire you to explore. So leave the run-of-the-mill bucket list at the door and read with an open mind, ready to discover some not-so-common but oh-so-interesting places to visit that offer extraordinary experiences.

Hike The Narrows in Mt. Zion National Park, Utah

When you hike the Narrows, you aren’t just looking at the most magnificent canyon landscapes imaginable; you become part of it. Hiking the Narrows puts you in the thick of it! Did we mention you’re walking in a river?

Yes, you can walk the 15-mile distance in the primarily ankle to knee-deep, crystal mountain waters of the Virgin River as you wind your way through the narrowest section of Zion Canyon. To say you’ll be surrounded by astounding beauty, unique canyon views, and some of the most vibrant colors you’ll ever see is an understatement.

If 15 miles isn’t quite your speed, you can turn around and head back to the river entrance anytime. There are also plenty of spots to perch on a rock to rest or enjoy an energizing snack or lunch on the pebbly bank.

Get outfitted with everything you need for a safe and comfortable trip at one of the nearby outposts. Slip-free boots and a walking stick are great options, and they have additional warm and cool weather package options depending on the temperature when you visit. 

Watch the Northern Lights in Kemi, Finland

Once Daily News - Northern Lights

View aurora borealis in all her glory from the glass walls of your bedroom at one of the most stunning hotels on the planet. Seaside Glass Villas offers up a nearly 360-degree view of your surroundings. If you plan your trip from September to November or February to March, those surroundings may very well include a visit from “The Green Lady.”

Kemi is a remote location but one of the most intriguing in Finland. It is the home to Snow Castle, the largest snow fort in the world, which is rebuilt every season to include a host of exciting snow-themed activities.

Ride Horseback Along the Sierra Negra Volcano in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands

Experiencing the scenery and abundant wildlife on the Galapagos Islands is breathtaking in and of itself, but how about ramping up the adventure and experiencing it all on horseback

Once Daily News - Ride Horseback Along the Sierra Negra Volcano in Ecuador's Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos is dotted with numerous haciendas that allow riders to travel from one to the other. Some even serve as lodging and offer food and other services to their guests.

If extensive riding doesn’t sound appealing, plan a day trip to The Sierra Negro volcano. It rests on Isabela Island, where you can book a guided excursion. Ride along the lava fields that circle the expansive crater while you soak in the rich landscape and the views from your elevated vantage point.

Enjoy a Wine Experience in Dubrovnik, Croatia 

The grape growing industry in Croatia dates back to the 5th Century B.C. when ancient Greeks planted the area. Their wine-making prowess has quite a history.

There’s no shortage of wineries and tasting tours available to visitors. Remarkably few Croatian wines are exported, so it’s a rare opportunity to sample wines you can’t get anywhere else in the world! Add to that the fact that due to their relatively small harvests, some regions only produce 300 bottles a year. If you’re looking for unique, Croatian wine is it!

Flightsee at Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Mountains, ice, and ocean converge on the Kenai Peninsula, where dozens of glaciers move from Harding Icefield. The flow from the 936 square mile icefield has created valleys filled with water to become fjords.

Nothing may be more impressive than viewing the park’s scenery by air. Imagine taking in the expanse of the icefield with the chance of spotting a mountain goat on the high mountain terrain or a Brown Bear fishing for salmon.

There are helicopter or fix-winged plane options, and some flights offer a landing for a walk around the glacier!