When it Comes to Vitamins, Should You Go for Gummies? Once Daily News

When it Comes to Vitamins, Should You Go for Gummies?

They’re gooey, chewy, and so sugary sweet, but do they deliver the same vitamin value as their pill and tablet counterparts?

Gummy vitamins and supplements are ubiquitous on drug store shelves these days. Want a raspberry-flavored treat to boost your energy? It exists. Been looking for a Tiffany blue bear-shaped bite to improve your skin and nails? Yep, you can find it.

The gummy vitamin market was valued at over $16 billion in 2020, and that’s up from $4.5 billion in 2018. The outlook for gummy gains looks to continue, with steady growth predicted through 2028.

They have cornered the market on convenience and creativity, and most of us consider them pretty darn cute, we’ll give them that, but should you make the switch to Candyland when it comes to your micronutrients?

When it Comes to Vitamins, Should You Go for Gummies? Once Daily News

Yummy Gummies

The logic behind the gummy vitamin is simply that something more palatable (and, let’s be honest, much more fun!) will entice people to take them more often. It seems there’s truth to that, considering their recent increase in popularity.

It is a much more pleasant experience to chomp on your favorite fruit flavor than choking down a chalky capsule; however, while the incentive to eat them is undoubtedly there, the nutrition you’re seeking may not be.

Not Bad But Not Better

The downside of gummies has to do primarily with dosage and sugar intake. While they’re relatively minimal, these are worth considering if you’re serious about your vitamin’s value.

The gummy vitamin market was valued
at over $16 billion in 2020


Deceiving Dosage

Because of their formula, gummy vitamins absorb more moisture than vitamins in pill form. This causes them to lose their potency faster. By the time you get around to ingesting the last of the jar, what’s written on the outside may not be what is actually on the inside.

When stored correctly, pill-form vitamins can maintain their potency for years. You’ll always know what you’re getting in a traditional vitamin; with gummies, not so much.

Sugar Rush

If you’ve ever had the compulsion to down an entire bag of Haribo, please steer clear of the gummy vitamin aisle. Since part of their allure is their great taste, the temptation to eat too many can be troublesome and really up your sugar intake for the day.

The American Heart Association recommends 36 grams of sugar per day for men and 25 grams per day for women, and many gummy vitamins can have up to 8 grams in each serving. Even those that tout sugar substitutes may contain sugar alcohols that can present gastrointestinal issues.

The Good, the Bad, and the Gummy

Generally, the most significant benefit of gummies is cajoling the reluctant child or aiding the adult who has trouble swallowing to take their vitamins. For this population of individuals, gummies can be a welcome health helper. Truthfully, that’s where it ends.

If you’re already on a pill-form regimen and it works for you, stick with that old-school style. If you’re into gummies but maybe want a more reliable approach, shop some solid options

When it comes to gummies, we love the fun factor, but you might just be better off with boring when you’re seeking a supplement.